Sep 22, 2009

Aug 26, 2009

OpenSolaris Power User slide PDF

OpenSolaris Power User slide PDF

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Aug 19, 2009

17 Aug 2009 OSSF and Opensolaris Lab Pictures

We have an Opensolaris ZFS Lab and introduce opensolaris 2009.06 at 17 Aug 2009.

Opensolaris Users Group and Open Source Software Foundry

Instructor: Stanley

For opensolaris 2009.06 new feature and zfs lab.

Slides download

Workshop steps download

There are pictures for the Activitie ^__^

Aug 15, 2009

OpenSUSE Weekly News 84

Issue #84 of the openSUSE Weekly News is ready

For full text, Plese see this link:


opensolaris Users Group at Taiwan

2009/8/14 opensolaris Users Group at Taiwan

I meet Jim tonight, so I decide to "Create a blog with English"
Because "I must do some thing" ^++^

Jim Grisanzio

Notes and Tips:
Photography is a very good tool to close community
Use blog with English is a very good idea.

Program Profile
Why: To build a developer community
How: Open Development

Community organizing is personal. It's an art, not a science.
It involves technology and infrastructure, but it's all about people and it's based on relationships of trust.

Talking is not enough. You must do something.

Next session

Eric Li

opensolaris typical
  • easy to rollback
  • Default every 15 mins -- take snapshot(Use auto snapshot)
  • Recommand at least 1 GB Mem.

  • Trace program (-n for program name)
  • #opensnoop -n firefox
  • Trace execution ( -s for time stamp)
  • #execsnoop -s
  • Good ToolKit for DTrace
  • DtraceToolkit

Nvidia X server tool -- Can Help Contral X display

See what I get after the session

Kururu and opensolaris LiveCD

opensolaris 200906