Aug 15, 2009

opensolaris Users Group at Taiwan

2009/8/14 opensolaris Users Group at Taiwan

I meet Jim tonight, so I decide to "Create a blog with English"
Because "I must do some thing" ^++^

Jim Grisanzio

Notes and Tips:
Photography is a very good tool to close community
Use blog with English is a very good idea.

Program Profile
Why: To build a developer community
How: Open Development

Community organizing is personal. It's an art, not a science.
It involves technology and infrastructure, but it's all about people and it's based on relationships of trust.

Talking is not enough. You must do something.

Next session

Eric Li

opensolaris typical
  • easy to rollback
  • Default every 15 mins -- take snapshot(Use auto snapshot)
  • Recommand at least 1 GB Mem.

  • Trace program (-n for program name)
  • #opensnoop -n firefox
  • Trace execution ( -s for time stamp)
  • #execsnoop -s
  • Good ToolKit for DTrace
  • DtraceToolkit

Nvidia X server tool -- Can Help Contral X display

See what I get after the session

Kururu and opensolaris LiveCD

opensolaris 200906

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