Mar 16, 2012

GNOME 3 Power Manage setting

I had been ask for GNOME 3 Power manage setting question.
For power button with hiber nate.

I feel good the GNOME 3 Desktop. So I didn't spend much time to learn it.
I use gnome-tweak-tool when openSUSE 11.3 with GNOME 3.

But there was some bug when I used  it.
GNOME 3 is simple and good now.
And the power manage setting is also simple now.
Like this ..

It doesn't like the traditional way to set button behavior.  For example, button-power, button-sleep.
I use search engine to search the resolve.  Somebody use XFCE package to resolve this problem.
But I think that is not gnome package and official method to resolve it.
I find a package to resolve the problem.
That is dconf-editor package. ( Simple key-based configuration system -- Graphical Editor)

I use openSUSE, so I use zypper to check it.

# zypper search dconf

S | Name                    | Summary                                                    | Type   
i | dconf                   | Simple key-based configuration system                      | package
  | dconf-devel             | Simple key-based configuration system -- Development Files | package
  | dconf-editor            | Simple key-based configuration system -- Graphical Editor  | package

It's not install by default. So I use zypper to install it.

# zypper install dconf-editor

Setting power manage setting is very simple.
run dconf-editor command


Extend org --> gnome --> setting-daemon --> plugins --> power
And you will see some setting there.

Just click the setting you want to set.

You also could use  gsettings command to set it.

For example

#gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power button-power shutdown

enjoy it ~~

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