Oct 25, 2012

Nagios with openSUSE 12.2

We have 3 Workshop in Oct, Nov, Dec at Taiwan.

2012/10/20  -- Taipei
2012/11/24 -- Tainaa
2012/12/9  -- Taichung

Nagios monitor system ( http://www.nagios.org/ ) hands on lab with openSUSE 12.2.

These events are support by Open Source Software Foundry (OSSF) at Taiwan ( http://www.openfoundry.org/en/about ) 
OSSF Foundry support our venue for events.

Our workshop env use EasyCloud ( http://easycloud.nchc.org.tw/index.php/ ) service.
EasyCloud service  base on Eazilla http://ezilla.info/ ).

Sourceforge Project Link : http://sourceforge.net/projects/ezilla-nchc/

Ezilla (pronounced "Easy La") helps users quickly and easily build their own private cloud! Ezilla integrates storage, networking, and computing resources under a cloud and allows cloud service providers to swiftly deploy cloud service environments that are built on a user-friendly, web-based interface.

== Simple to Explanation ==

User  ---->  Web Browser support HTML 5 ( Google Chrome / Firefox ) ---->   EasyCloud   (  Front:  HTML 5 Web interface, Back ground:  KVM )

User could create their openSUSE 12.2 Virtual Machine by EasyCloud with friendly interface.
And use ssh or VNC to connect their VM. ( for text or GUI ).

It means user can use their netbook or pc which browser support HTML 5 to practice complex labs ( We have 3 VMs in our workshop at the same time ).

Just finish first one at 20th Oct, 2012

You can see these picture at flickr group

Fun in share ^__^

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