Jun 19, 2015

GNOME.Asia Summit 2015

GNOME.Asia Summit 2015
It's always happy and pleasure to join and organize GNOME.Asia Summit. :-)

You could see many photos in Flickr group with GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 all of the pictures come from our great Participant and Organizer.

If you ask me "Why you work hard for GNOME, freeware and open source?"
---- The answer is "Friendship and Smile"

-Smiles is the greatest power to promote GNOME and FOSS to me-

I meet many new friends and contribute  to GNOME and FOSS in many different events.

It also a good time to see old friends get together. ^^

It's very good to work in GNOME and GNOME.Asia team, I learn very much from GNOME and GNOME.Asia team.

This year, we have very strong local committee.

- Thanks Utian give us close speech and BinLi -

- Thanks Haris make everything smooth and smile-

- Thanks Estu always give everything right away, you should go to GUADEC ^^-

- Thanks Siska and our host [ We have 2 great host this year ^^ ] keep everyone powerful -

- Thanks our local committee and organizer always smile and keep contribute-

I want to list all the pictures with all our local committee and organizer, I really suggest you to see the pictures in flickr group.

Great picture to see in GNOME.Asia Summit 2015.

I also want to let you know

- Great photo comes from Contributors ( In diff method ) get together-

I really love the topic this year "GNOME   Desktop for Everyone"

Everyone could use GNOME for Desktop ^^ -- I love it

I am very enjoy GNOME.Asia Summit this year.

- I love my new job "Human timer for lighting talks" this year -

It's great moment to see GNOME.Asia Summit in Universitas Indonesia.

We have great time in Day 0 workshop.

-Thanks our speakers give us workshop ^^-

Also love to see openSUSE community guys in Indonesia, and it's my pleasure to join openSUSE Indonesia facebook Group.

It's great to have friends join GNOME.Asia Summit from Taiwan together.

- Thanks Shing Yuan introduce how to promote open source with their team  in Aletheia University-

Thanks everyone join GNOME.Asia Summit

We have lots fun in GNOME.Asia.

Thanks speakers come to GNOME.Asia Summit and blog for summit.

I want to Thanks all our sponsor and GNOME Foundation.
Without their their support, we could not have this amazing GNOME.Asia Summit.

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