Dec 24, 2017

GNOME.Asia Summit 2017

GNOME.Asia Summit  2017

It always great time to join GNOME.Asia Summit.

This is my 7th year with GNOME.Asia, it also 10th for GNOME.Asia.

Thanks all local team work hard for GNOME.Asia summit.

We have very good host with local team.

I love the idea “ open source market ”, open source and freeware get everyone together and share to each other. :)

Thanks all speakers give us speech with GNOME and open source.

Thanks local team warm our hearts at first night with 国窖1573.

We have very professional cookie this year.

Thanks professors from university give us very good panel discussion, thanks Emily Chen to host this great panel discussion.  
It’s import to get support in university when we want to promote open source and freeware all the time.

This year, also GNOME 20th Anniversary, local arrange the great parth for GNOME 20th.

At the end of the GNOME.Asia summit 2017, I see the passionate from local team and young gnomer.

To me, it’s my pleasure to work with great local team every year and get more friends with GNOME.

At the end, I want to think GNOME foundation and all our sponsors to support us.

<(_   _)>

See you next GNOME.Asia Summit

All picture from GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Flickr Group
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  2. So good to know about GNOME Asia Summit 2017. It looks super successful and all these event arrangements are also fantastic. We would also be hosting a corporate event in next month and will require such spacious event space San Francisco for that. Hoping to find a good venue soon.