Apr 12, 2012

Ezgo 10 Meeting in Mozilla Taiwan

Ezgo 10 Meeting in Mozilla Taiwan

Ezgo Official Site:
http://ezgo.westart.tw/ ( With Chinese )

Ezgo Introduction ( Reference  Debian wiki page http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEzGo )

The EzGo is a LiveCD created by OSS Application Consulting Centre (OSSACC) which is a Ministry of Education Taiwan funded project, and its executive the Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT).

It is a set of free software collection aims to promote the usage of free software on teaching and self-learning. It includes open tools and open content for both Linux and Windows systems.

EzGo's target are new and first time linux users. Which is making a user interface and art work on top of a distribution of Linux which is easy, especially for the new user.

Key design aims are:

Ease of installation and setup. The system pre-installed with all applications that users may needed, rather than needing additional installation and extensive configurations.
Features which will be familiar and easy to use for users familiar with other operating systems (except where there is a compelling reason to do things differently).

Our Ezgo 10 first meeting  in ozilla Taiwan Office.
We must thank Bobchao ( Community Manager at Mozilla Corporation )

The meeting start with  Eric Sun, thanks Mozilla Taiwan and all members from Ezgo.

Bob introduce Mozillians https://mozillians.org and BrowserID concept to us.

On the other way Bob also share his experience with P2PU  http://p2pu.org/en/ , give  Ezgo community some brainshare. ^_^

The fist task for Ezgo 10 Meeting is "Check task list".

And discuss with Block on Desktop.

For me, it's a very interesting meeting cause the difference with GNOME and KDE. (Ezgo 10 will try to use KDE Desktop this time ).  We discuss lots of design for desktop view.

Anyway, I know more about KDE Desktop.
Alvin Su (蘇仕文) - KDE, Taiwan.  An elementary school teacher and Way (徐志緯)

There are some picture here, and thanks again for Mozilla Taiwan and Ezgo Members.

~enjoy it

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