Aug 15, 2013

openSUSE Conference 2013

openSUSE Conference 2013

This year, I am very pleasure to attend openSUSE Conference 2013 in Thessaloniki,Greece.

This is one of my dream conference.  :-)
I have a short talk about "openSUSE community and open source activities in Taiwan"

My slide is here.

Video for my talk.

Thanks Greece team to organize this awesome event.

I am very happy to meet Lars Vogdt and listen his talk "openSUSE Education Li-f-e".

To discuss with Lars about education in different way and wish we could have more opportunity to co-work with openSUSE education team.

Very happy to meet openSUSE friends in China and old friend in India.

It's wonderful to listen openSUSE team report, get to know different team status, and give some idea -- which part I could involve.

For a gnome user, it's happy time to serve in GNOME booth.

Ines and me have a good time in GNOME booth, and thanks every one who donate GNOME :-). (I also buy a GNOME T-shirt during openSUSE Conference)

GNOME Team Rocks !!

It's always lovely to discuss FOSS and education after the session.  :-)

I must especially Jos Poortvliet, without his encourage, I won't go to openSUSE conference.

I want to thank openSUSE Travel Support Program send me there.

Thanks all Travel Support Program team members help me and guide me.  :-)
I will encourage people in Asia to complete his / her dream join openSUSE Conference in the future.  Share what they see and what they did.

I am happy to meet Kostas Koudaras who are a great fire fighter with openSUSE :-)

I wish I could learn more idea from him with openSUSE market team, XD.

Finial, with lots of Beer. And lot of Fun.  And lots of Memory.

Thanks everyone in openSUSE Conference 2013.