Aug 24, 2013

Press Release of GNOME.Asia 2013

Press Release of GNOME.Asia 2013

The sixth GNOME Asia Summit host in Seoul, after Hong Kong, Bangalore, Taipei, Ho-Chi-Minh City and Beijing.  Many people say “Korea is the IT test bed. If a technology is not alive in Korea, it cannot be successful.” Korea has many IT Giant companies. Nowadays, companies around the world understand that software technology is a key factor for product success and Free and Open Source Software is the base.

The artwork is amazing and awesome in GNOME Asia summit this year.  Thanks Korea team give us high quality artwork, and thanks our designer  “Yu Liansu” give us the wonderful and lovely design.

The welcome speech start with Haggen So(2012 GNOME Asia Summit Local Organizer) and Simon YoungKi Hong (2013 GNOME Summit Local Organizer) to introduce GNOME Asian and GNOME Korea.

We are very pleasure  have Karen Sandler(Executive Director, GNOME Foundation) and Allan Day to delivered keynote presentation - Tell us Building Freedom(True story from Karen) and GNOME 3 History and Future.

This year we have 2 tracks (include 3 workshop for GNOME extensions / From Newbie to Translator / Introduction to GObject and GMainLoop ) and discussion with speaker and 210 attendance.  You can see the  schedule  here.

With GNOME Asia summit in Seoul, South Korea.  We found many GNOME developer / speaker / community members in Korea.  GNOME get more strong and stonger,sustained growth in Asia.  But we are still learn in Asia, we try to keep every smile face with GNOME.

We are also very grateful to have sponsors and co-hosts including nipa, LEMOTE,  LG Electronics, Google and our Media partner  Linux Pilot, onoffmix, . Last, but the least, all these will not happen without the support of the GNOME Foundation.

If you wants to know more about GNOME in Asia, please subscribe to the GNOME.Asia mailing list.

Thanks every speaker come to GNOME.Asia summit and blog for summit.
* Gwang Yoon Hwang
* Jeongseok Kim
* Max Huang
* Minkyu Joo
* Namhyung Kim
* Ryu, Changwoo

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