Jun 14, 2014

GNOME.Asia Summit 2014

GNOME.Asia Summit 2014

The seventh GNOME.Asia Summit host come back to Beijing.  after Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Taipei, Ho-Chi-Minh City and Beijing.
I want thank all people coming  GNOME.Asia Summit 2014.

We have awesome video team this year.

You could take a short view for 2 days activities.  They will have new video for whole summit, I guess. :p
We play event video every end of the day. ^__^

Day 1

Day 2

Thanks again to all STAFF.

Thanks again to all Speakers.

There are too many words I want to say and thanks.
<(_ _)>

Thanks Documentation Team awesome training session in GNOME.Asia Summit

You could read the blog for some detail about training session.

Ekaterina Gerasimova:

David King:

Andre Klapper:

Thanks FUDCon APAC held together with GNOME.Asia Summit, thanks Emily Chen and Alick Zhao lead both of GNOME and Fedora team.

Thanks our Busy Bees ZSUN and TongHui did awesome job for us.  <(_ _)>

It's my pleasure to host conference with Gerard

Thanks our keynote speakers

Tobias Mueller 

 Jiri Eischmann, Jaroslav Reznik

Lennart Poettering

Richard Matthew Stallman

We have FUDPub social night held during GNOME.Aisa Summit and FUDCon APAC.  ^_^

"For Fedora"
"For open source !! ""

We have Sport Event this year.

I really happy and lucky  have chance to organize and join GNOME.Asia Summit

I think I will keep "Happy Hacking" and do more with GNOME.

Thanks speakers come to GNOME.Asia Summit and blog for summit.

I want to Thanks all our sponsor and GNOME Foundation.
Without their their support, we could not have this amazing GNOME.Asia Summit.

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