Nov 3, 2014

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2014

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2014

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2014 is the first openSUSE Summit in Asia, which aims to promote openSUSE and other free and open source software in the region (especially in colleges).

I am very pleasure to be one of the organize team members.

I want to mention Sunny's mail and thanks her and all staff again

---------From Sunny----------------------------------------
I would take this opportunity to thank the openSUSE.Asia Summit
organization team. Today, now the openSUSE.Asia summit has started,
I'm reminded of the journey we took to get here.

I can not forget our weekly meetings, which often lasted to midnight.
I can't forget 137 cards in trello for the preparation tracking.
And I can't forget hundredss of emails about the Summit in our mail

When we were on the way to reach this summit, we encouraged and
supported each other. Even though we were tired, we never gave up,
because we did believe we would finally be here. It is my honor being
a member of such a great team!

There are 17 people in the organization team, I won't list everyone's
name because we are a team, and we couldn't have make any success
without each of us.

It's very nice to have 4 openSUSE members  with opening session.
Come from India / Beijing / Japan / Taiwan to welcome everyone come to openSUSE.Asia Summit.

Thanks our keynote speakers

* Richard Brown
* Ralf Flaxa
* 谷雷

Thanks all our speakers

We have lots of fun with session and workshop in these 2 days.

I have some sessions this year.

Long talk:  FOSS & Education in Taiwan with Ezilla project

Short talk: Easy Install Nagios Server with openSUSE 13.1

And in All stars: Introduce openSUSE community in Taiwan

We have strong design team this year.
It still in my office right now :-)

I want to thank our sponsors
SUSE / HP / Firefox / CSDN / BLUG / owncloud / GNOME.Asia

Without our sponsors, we can't have such lovely summit.

The most important for me is

"We got lots of SMILE"

Thanks our great volunteers
Thanks all your contributions.

All I have to say is " THANKS YOU "

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